12 Awesome Team Building Games Your Team Won’t Hate

Team building is an aspect that needs well thought after procedures to be effectively implemented. Speaking more simply, a team building activity helps participants explore each other’s positives and areas that need to be worked on. However, a simple team building exercise can sometimes seem a bit too boring to be indulged in. To sort that out, listed are 12 most engrossing and enthusiasm-inducing team building activities that will transform your team into a closer knit group than before.

  1. Charades
    Like with movies, this can be done with almost any object you find in an office. Just pick a pen or notepad and start demonstrating its uses/functions.  The one who guesses it right wins.  This can be done either individually or in teams.
  2. Truth or dare
    The infamous legacy of this one has failed to die down with the era change. The game of Truth or Dare among tram members helps build closeness and induces better understanding as each one gets to know the other better.
  3. The 5 step drawing game
    The game we played as kids couldn’t find a better audience than in team building events. On a drawing board, a participant starts to draw a picture that gets completed in  5 steps. The one who guesses the picture in the least number of steps wins! This helps in building individual imagination and contributes to solution finding attributes on a participant.
  4. The paintball
    The game of Paintball is known to reduce stress levels and induct in persons better levels of enthusiasm. A 20 minute game of hide and seek accompanied by shooting at the one caught can significantly improve the rapport amongst the team members!
  5. Sports
    All games are means to build better rapport among members but none can be better than a few minutes of a choice of an outdoor sport. It completely refreshes the mind and cleans up the blocked zones.
  6. Guide the partner
    This game helps improve faith capacities among participants and increases belief in each other. Throw in some barriers to carve a way for person A and blindfold him/her. Now the partner speaks out directions for person A to reach the end point without stumbling over any barrier.
  7. The egg drop
    Participants are required to attain all sorts of objects to protect an egg that is thrown down the first or second floor. The group that is successful wins the game!
  8. Blind drawing
    Again the blindfolded thing! One participant is blindfolded and asked to complete an incomplete drawing. Could be the popular tail in the cat or eye of the dog things.
  9. Mystery hunting
    The HOD asks everyone to vacate a certain region and then hide someone’s most valuable possession. A group then sets out the hunt for the possession they have never even seen before.
  10. Share secrets
    Sharing secrets helps personnel workforce to come closer.  Secrets are shared by writing on a piece of paper. Then guesswork is applied to pick and choose that person whose a particular secret could be.
  11. Mentioning good aspects
    Again a chit-game.  Each one is asked to write a food aspect of any person who works with them.  Without mentioning the person’s name in it. This exercise helps in self-confidence building.
  12. Dog in the bone
    This has been a favourite outdoor sport since time immemorial.  This helps build team spirit effectively.
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