How Your Colour Branding Affects Your Message to Your Audience

Have you ever noticed why similar brands seem to make use of the same colour palette choices? Twitter’s sky blue might be brighter than Facebook’s royal blue, but don’t they feel very much reminiscent of Multiply’s old colour scheme? Streaming and video watching services such as YouTube and Netflix seem to have an uncanny attraction to the colour red. Besides the familiar companies listed above, brands from soap products to restaurant food chains are very reminiscent of each other when it comes to colour theory and how it affects people who use their services.

If you think that brands are intentionally using the magic of colours to attract their customers, then you’re only half right.

People are visual consumers

Your customers focus on their senses to help them decide what to purchase. If they see, hear, feel, or taste something that they like, then they’re probably going to buy it. Brand logos make it easier to attract customers by making the persuasion of their customers a visual experience by building their brand logo recognisable in different forms and mediums. From towering billboards to social media pop-up ads and even to the ever-reliable thirty-second video advertisements, companies make use of the visual aspects of their product to entice and enlighten their audiences on who they are and what they offer.

Attaching your brand to anything and everything

It can be a tough challenge to take if you want to bring your brand to the limelight within the sea of other competing brands. What you can look forward to is finding the right places to use your product placement to good use. There are multiple places to plaster your logo depending on the nature of the function of your service.

The traditional route is an old statement but can be an effective method in having a local presence in your office area. Fliers, billboards, and calling cards are pricey, but they are tangible objects that can be kept, shared, and easily distributed.

A quirkier method of product placement is having objects and merchandise that represent your brands. From pens to notebooks to giveaway shirts and hoodies, your brand should make the most out of your investment.

Last but not least, the best way to put your brand into people’s hearts and minds is by putting it on clothing. What people connect with doctors and lab coats is similar to soldiers and army gear, excellent service is represented by the uniform. It will be easier for you to communicate with your customers if you’re not just attaching your service to an object but to a person providing the service. Finding a provider for t-shirt printing in Manchester or closer locations can cut a considerable bulk of your company’s expenses on logistics. Uniforms can range from a simple collared top with a logo to full gear with caps, aprons, and even footwear. A brand’s outfit is also reflective of the company’s business etiquette.


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