What is Landing Page and SEO Landing Page?

A landing page is the first page you see when you land on a website. Usually, this is the homepage where users visit once when the domain name is typed by them in a browser. When it comes to digital marketing, landing page is the one you want the user to see when they click on an ad from your campaign. These pages are meant for a particular purpose. They don’t hold all the elements of a normal page but they are structured in a way that lead users to implement a particular action. Hire best seo service In Singapore to make your landing page work like a charm for SEO.

When it comes to SEO landing pages, they entail all the features of a landing page like they are mainly optimized for conversions but are SEO friendly. It is not a tough cookie to crack when it comes to optimizing a landing page. Also, there are many cases where you should not optimize your landing pages. For instance, when planning to build a landing page for a short campaign or just for the sake of testing, you can skip on the SEO as this page is temporary. Mostly, doing SEO on your landing pages will raise your odds for ranking higher for the search terms. It will also enhance the user experience as you are paying heed to SEO principles and making the page user friendly. It is good for your branding as well.

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